New Truck for Taborton Fire Co

Soon the Taborton residents will see their TAX dollars working for them. After many years of saving tax dollars the Fire Commissioners put money towards the truck reserve fund. The Fire Commissioners are finalizing the truck contract with E1 on the new pumper.

Fire truck


The truck will have a four door cab, back up camera, 1000 gallon water tank capacity, midship 1500gpm Hale pump,


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An Important Message to our Community

Yesterday I sat at a table at the Taborton Festival all day. I shared a table with Pastor Bob Loesch of Zion UCC.  I posted signs all around me stating the dire need for volunteers to join the Taborton Fire Department (TFD).  A few people stopped to look at the table and most were drawn to the wonderful books Pastor Bob had for sale (his own and another author’s).  I don’t mind that a bit because, I too love books. I do mind that no one seemed to really care enough to even discuss TFD’s  drastic situation.  I admit, most of the wonderful people of Taborton were working at the festival so they hardly had time.  But what about the others?  At one point Pastor Bob and I had a challenge going to see if I could sell his books and he could get a volunteer to sign up.  Sadly, I won.

FIYslide03TABORTON RESIDENTS, YOU MUST WAKE UP AND RISE TO THIS!  We will surely have to dissolve the fire department if you cannot see the need for volunteering in your own community.  You will have to wait for another fire district to get your emergency call and then the time it takes for them to “get off the floor” and up to our mountain.  Already that is happening as we only have 3-5 firefighters/first responders who are able to regularly answer a call.  They also have to go to work and take care of their families.  In the past, we have had many hardworking, dedicated volunteers but times change, people move away.  We don’t ask for a lifetime commitment, we just hope for it.

This all boils down to the residents of Taborton having to wait during a family crisis (a fire at your house, a baby with serious issues, a bad car accident, an elderly person falling, displacement from flooding or power outage).  You believe that if you dial 911 you will have someone come immediately.  Well, that immediate response could take 20 minutes or more.  Do you know what that can mean?  Have you ever heard the slogan they use for stroke awareness?  Time=brain.  The more time it takes for help, the less brain function you have left.  The same goes for heart attacks.

We pay the same town taxes as everyone else BUT the Taborton Fire commissioners have strived to keep our fire district taxes the lowest in the Town.  If we have to close shop, you may be in for some tax increases along with the increase in the time it will take to get help.  Please consider volunteering today!  You don’t have to live in the district but you do have to be within a certain proximity to the station.  All your training is provided for along with state tax incentives and even college scholarships.   As an added bonus, you get the satisfaction that comes from knowing you helped your neighbor in their time of need.  Isn’t that the legacy you want to leave your children?

If you would like to volunteer, please call me at 495-8264.  Please be patient and I will return your call as soon as possible.  Thank you

Denise King

Taborton Fire Commissioner